About Us

We have been providing help in legal matters for a very long time now. Based in the heart of Bannu City, we have travelled to other cities for clients cases included Islamabad. You can trust us with any legal matter


To provide our customer honest and best legal service. We will assess your case in free no obligation consultancy session and give you honest feedback.


To become a trusted brand in Law Society. We have worked hard throughout previous few years to create a reputation and will continue to maintain it.


Our commitment is to provide our valuable customer cost effective services, give them honest opinion, help them in any way we can.

Syed Hamood-ur-Rehman

Founder of Syed Law Associates and An experienced Lawyer who is more than able to offer advice on the law, legal procedures and a wide range of associated issues. Has proven ability to represent the clients in complex and challenging environments. An accomplished professional who has successfully managed case preparation and court proceedings. Solid interpersonal and communications skills in building key alliances and partnerships, having dealt with a diversity of clients and individuals. Highly organized u0026amp; dedicated with a positive attitude, able to set effective priorities and handle multiple assignments under high pressure within tight deadlines.

Why Choose Us

We have years of experience in dealing with cases of different nature. We value our customer and make sure they are provided with excellent service at affordable cost

Free Assessment

Free initial assessment of the case

High Skills

Highly qualified and experience team.

Analytical Skills

choosing which solutions will best suit a situation

People Skills

best approach to take in order to achieve the desired outcome